How to embed Vialog Q&A widget

Add to the end of your <body> tag the following code:

<script src=""></script>


Just like:

    ... some code is here ...
    <script src=""></script>


Add the widget code to the desired place in your HTML:

<a name="vialog"></a>
<div class="vialog-plugin" data-title="YOUR_TITLE_HERE" data-partner-id="YOUR_PARTNER_ID" data-topic-id="YOUR_THREAD_ID"></div>



<a name="vialog"></a>
<div class="vialog-plugin" data-title="Add your review" data-partner-id="test_partner" data-topic-id="5555555"></div>


If you want to influence style with the local css, then change the vialog-plugin class to vialog-plugin-local.

You can specify the labels for the question and answer videos by adding the corresponding data attributes for it like: data-answer-label="Custom answer" and data-question-label="Custom question"

You can also specify the Reply card text using the following data tag: data-reply-card="Please leave your review!"